They said everything falls by a matter of choice.  

You choose to be happy.  You choose to not give up.  You choose to give others another chance.  You choose to give yourself a chance.  You choose to be open up.  You choose to love.  You choose to forgive.  You choose to look forward to the future.  You choose to not dwell in the past.  You choose to be discipline.  You choose the greater over the good.  You choose to change.

And today, I have to make a choice.

Things I know I should do but didn’t do: Applying Sunblock

I was having a mini workout session with the gang.  A little bit of jogging and frisbee at the campus.  It was very hot out there so I decided to use a little bit of sunblock.  My dermatologist introduced me to a good sunblock but I must say I don’t always use it.  Back to my workout session, it was then I take a look at my hand and saw faded spots, you know those you can get from too much sun exposure and will probably show as you age.  And then I saw this video online.  Scary but that’s the fact.  Time to use that sunblock of yours.  Reasons not to be lazy from now on. 

The Best Accessory :)

There are a lot of before and after pictures of people with plastic surgery going viral in the internet.  People just gets addicted to these images.  Can’t believe someone can have their appearance change so much by going under the knife.

Then again, have you notice most of these “before” images are people with sad and bored looking faces.  And the “after” photos will always be them smiling and all dolled up with makeup and perfect camera lightings.  I just wonder if they smile in the “before” photos, will they look prettier?

Well, I’m sure they won’t look as bad as they needed for these plastic surgery commercial.

Every time you compare yourself to others, you kill a piece of who you are

Every time you compare yourself to others, you kill a piece of who you are. We can’t be ourselves if we don’t know ourselves, and we can’t know ourselves, if all we know about who we are, is in comparison to others. We will never know the problem, BS, & stresses that others are going through, nor do we need to, what we would be better of doing with that time is exploring who we are on the inside. I know it’s hard, we see everyone around us doing awesome things, it’s been engrained into the culture to try and keep up, but really there’s nothing to keep up to, and no one to keep up with. Instead of comparing yourself with others, try connecting yourself with others. The more connections you make, the more you’ll learn about the world, and yourself. There’s a lot we can learn about ourselves through our relationships with others; they’ll bring out sides of us, we never knew existed. If you want to be happy, you have to recognize the things in your life worth appreciating. If you’re spending all your time finding that in others, instead of yourselves, then nothing but misery can come. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and celebrate your evolution. There’s plenty to appreciate in the direction your headed.

-by Humble the Poet